Tuesday, March 20, 2012

No Real Pesticide Ban for Newfoundland

I have to say, I'm not surprised that our Newfoundland government has once again decided to misrepresent a "pesticide ban" for nothing more than a minor reduction in pesticides.  

For those not involved in the issue as long as some of us, I would like to remind you of the announcement of a "pesticide ban" by Tom Osborne back in 2005 which lead to nothing more than a few changes to the pesticide control regulations and a ban on Weed&Feed.  This current government is not taking a "good first step".  Tom Osborne took that first baby step...How many more steps will have to be taken for Newfoundlander's to be protected the same way other provinces are being protected.

So what's wrong with Newfoundland's pesticide "ban"?  

It's not a ban that's what. 

Our joke of a government has decided to walk to their own tune and write their own version of a pesticide ban.  It is tantamount to reinventing a square wheel.  Why is it so difficult for our government to simply follow the same path as the other provinces who have working pesticide bans in place?

On what basis did our government choose to omit only 1 insecticide and 3 ingredients often used together in a weed killer.  For a total of 4 pesticide ingredients?  3 of which are in the same class of  phenoxyacid herbicides often used in combination (2,4-D (2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid), dicamba, and MCPA /mecoprop (2-methyl-4-chlorophenoxyacetic acid) and the other which is a carbamate insecticide (carbaryl).

Will this now cause an issue with legalities as they are weeding out specific pesticides rather than developing an allowable list?  Other provinces have a more sensible approach by promoting an allowable list of less toxic pesticides which makes much more sense than simply banning a select few.

Another area for concern is that our government will be monitoring this at the supplier level.  This is good when the supply is sold out, but how much has been stockpiled?  Let's not forget the diazinon situation...A few years ago I noticed while diazinon was completely banned for use in ALL of Canada in 2004, the government decided to allow some uses here up until at least 2007 in Newfoundland while it “exhausted the supply.”...
See Reference

How long will we have to wait for the current supply of those 4 pesticide ingredients are used up?

And most importantly what is wrong, is that this so-called "ban" will give a false sense of security to the public.  If the public hears of a pesticide ban then they will feel that what is being sprayed on their lawns is safe.  This is not the case.  Our government has decided to prohibit the use of only 4 measly pesticide ingredients out of the many hundreds available for use - Many of which are also considered to be toxic.

This is not a pesticide ban.  This is another Newfie joke.

Judie Squires
Spray Advisory



Below is a file containing the provincial files showing the landscape pesticides used in our province by commercial applicators each season from 2004 to 2007.

These files do not include pesticides used for agriculture or pesticides sold in stores.


Please also take note to the Diazanon use within the above files and refer to the Health Canada document Below:


Nova Scotia Pesticide Ban:

"The regulations are accompanied by a list of allowable pesticides, which includes those considered to pose a reduced risk to humans and the environment.

The sale and use of pesticides not on the list will be prohibited on lawns as of April 1, 2011. The legislation will extend to ornamental shrubs, flowers and trees on April 1, 2012.

The regulations outline when pesticides not on the allowable list may be used on lawns and ornamental gardens. 

This includes controlling insects, plants and fungus that may be a health concern (such as European Fire Ant), be poisonous to the touch (poison ivy), be an invasive species (Japanese Knotweed) and cause structural damage to buildings (carpenter ants).

Such pesticides will be available at stores with vendors certified by the Department of Environment. "


List of Allowable Pesticides Regulations
made under Section 6 of the
Non-essential Pesticides Control Act
S.N.S. 2010, c. 6
N.S. Reg. 181/2010 (November 30, 2010, effective April 1, 2011)
1     These regulations may be cited as the “List of Allowable Pesticides Regulations”.
2     The pesticides listed below are allowable pesticides for the purposes of the Non-essential Pesticides Control Act:
acetic acid
ammonium soaps of fatty acids
Bacillus subtilis mbi 600
Bacillus subtilis qst 713
Bacillus thuringiensis kurstaki
Bacillus thuringiensis tenebrionis
boric acid
copper as elemental, present as tribasic copper sulphate
copper as elemental, present as copper oxychloride
corn gluten meal
dried blood
fatty acid
hydrogen peroxide
iron (ferrous or ferric) phosphate
iron (ferrous or ferric) sodium
iron (ferrous or ferric) sulfate
iron, if present as FeHEDTA
lime sulphur or calcium polysulphide
mineral oil
nuclear polyhedrosis virus of douglas fir tussock moth
oil of black pepper
putrescent whole egg solid
pyrethrins; without the addition of piperonyl butoxide
Sclerotinia minor
silicon dioxide (diatomaceous earth)
soap (alkanolamine salts of fatty acid)
soap (potassium salts of fatty acid)
sodium chloride
Verticillium albo-atrum strain WCS850

Spray Advisory


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